The Boutique

The Boutique

A Hotel with captivation, a personalized deal and a great decoration.

Boutique hotels own the feature of offering visitors an immersion in a thematic environment. “A Casa das Portas Velhas” does not have this name by chance, but for presenting a peculiar decoration of ancient doors collected from the ruins of houses from Historic Center of Salvador. We are in a 19th century manor, which was restored to give place to this charming hotel. The doors are here richly used as headboards, ornamenting walls or as mirror frames, and antique door handles and hinges are spread throughout the hotel composing the atmosphere.

Enjoy Aldrava Restaurant and Capachinho Bar

Eating and drinking in this city means stopping and making a trip aside. “A Casa das Portas Velhas” has Aldrava Restaurant and Capachinho Bar indoors, to show its knowledge of the art of attending well and performing unforgettable experiences.

Luxury Rooms hotel-room

“A Casa das Portas Velhas” offers 15 suites in English colonial style elegant decoration to its tourists, distributed in two floors served by an elevator. In the rooms of the beautiful manor there is choice among standard, luxury ROOM or the “Porteiro” (porter) master suite, which basically vary according to size.

The Boutique

The Boutique, Bela Soleira, shelters pieces of art realized by talents designers of jewels. And where also you can find pictures, sculptures and magnificent selected crafts.